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Defying Gravity

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Allegra. 20. Toronto. slowly beginning to love life. (again).
alcohol, audrey hepburn, barbara streisand, ben folds, billy joel, bipolar disorder, books, bookstores, boys, bradley whitford, breakfast at tiffany's, broadway, canada, candles, catcher in the rye, catherine zeta-jones, chicago, choirs, chopin, choral music, christmas, coldplay, composing, counting crows, damien rice, dancing, dar williams, daria, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, david gray, depression, drugs, drunkeness, eva cassidy, faeries, falling, fame, felicity, field hockey, fog, folk music, francesca lia block, french, gilmore girls, gladiator, goo goo dolls, grey's anatomy, guinea pigs, guitar, guys and dolls, gymnastics, harry potter, hello dolly, howie day, hugs, ice, idina menzel, into the woods, jane eyre, janel moloney, jewel, john rutter, josh and donna, josh/donna, journalling, kissing, kristin chenoweth, late nights, lauren graham, les miserables, lightning, lord of the rings, love, luke and lorelai, luke/lorelai, lust, matchbox 20, mermaids, movies, music, music education, musical theater, musicals, new york, nyc, ocean, ontario, our lady peace, performing, piano, poetry, prozac nation, psychology, queen, rain, rainbows, randall thompson, random e-mails, reading, rehearsals, rollerblading, ryan adams, sarah mclachlan, scars, schubert, screaming, self injury, sex, shooting stars, simon and garfunkel, singing, sister hazel, sleep, snow, songwriting, spring, stars, stephen schwartz, stephen sondheim, strawberries, stuffed animals, sushi, tara maclean, tears, the beatles, the cambridge singers, the road home, theatre, thunder, thunder storms, tori amos, toronto, vocal music, voice, water, waves, weezer, west wing, wicked, wings, winter, writing,

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